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Default Re: "We will not be caught in no mans land" - Masai Ujiri

Originally Posted by kmart
We didn't draft Hibbert, the Pacers drafted Hibbert . We traded away draft picks for O'Neil.

Being in the market that we are in I think we'll end up paying a guy like Joe Johnson for 20 mill.

We've had money in the past and how did that turn out? Nash refusing to sign taking less money to join LA and Landry Fields was the best thing we could get at 7 million

How about Hedo for five years. Five years for a player that was old, slow, and well past his prime.

Point is that it's not just the draft where this team screwed up, it's through sigings and trades by Colangelo as well. You could argue that the signings and trades have put this team in a worse situation for the future.

Now we haven't put ourselves in a position to get the top draft picks at all. Say what you want about our draft history, but the top talent is at the top of the draft and those are the players you need in this league. The top 5 is where the Raptors should be.

Besides the guys you named none of them are franchise players other than Parker. The franchise players are at the top of the draft.

Raptors drafted him and traded his rights for O'Neal is what I meant.

And no, I don't mean the money we wasted on middling players on the wrong end of their career like Nash and Hedo. And I don't mean wasting money on guys like Fields.

Guys like Durant, Melo, Westbrook, etc... those are the guys the Raptors need to make an actual attempt at signing those type of players. perennial All-NBA and all star level players, just like what the Lakers and Heat have done over the years.

Obviously, we've had history where we messed up in free agency too, but that's why I want the ownership and management to dictate that. I would hope we don't sign a guyslike Joe Johnson or Amare Stoudemire of for the max deals they got.

Also, I don't think Parker is a franchise player, that's still Duncan even if he is 38 years old. The Spurs go as far as Duncan holds the frontline. Parker's more of a product of the right system, but maybe he could put up big numbers on a bad team to seem that he's a franchise player ? Andrew Bynum would have been a franchise player IMO if he didn't have those knee injuries.
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