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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

On several occasions, the forward took a pass in the paint and hit a soft jumper.

"I worked on it all summer," he said. "So Iím confident with that shot. Sometimes it will go in. Sometimes it doesnít. But I donít let it get to me. I worked hard on that shot."

Favors is playing more minutes than ever, thanks to the departures of Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap ó up to 32.7 minutes a night from 23.2 ó and he hasnít squandered the opportunity.

"He is one guy thatís really making strides and making the most of the time that heís getting on the floor now," Corbin said earlier this year.

The one guy?

Heís shooting 42 percent from 5-9 feet this season, up from 25.6 percent a year ago. From 10 to 14 feet, heís hitting on 56 percent of his shots. Last year, he made 40.7 percent of his attempts from that range.

Said rookie point guard Trey Burke, "You can tell he put in a lot of work this summer. Heís a guy we can go to to get a bucket or get to the free-throw line. Itís great playing with a big guy like that. Coming off the pick-and-roll, knowing youíre going to have a guy thatís going to attract two or three defenders. If heís not open, somebody else is going to be open."

After taking on Howard and Hibbert, Favors will find himself matched up Friday night in Portland against the Trail Blazersí LaMarcus Aldridge, whose play has helped his team get out to the best start in the West.

"Itís tough, but thatís why itís the NBA, he said.

Favors isnít making it easy on his opponents either.

But the big man who still fancies himself as a defender first says heís not in the same class as the players on the other side.

"Not yet," he said. "Those guys have accomplished a lot. Iím just starting to accomplish stuff, so not yet."

Perhaps, in due time.
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