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Default Re: Jennings out of control

Originally Posted by embersyc
I take back my earlier comment, I've started to like Jennings. I still don't like when he dribbes around and then jacks up a shot without ever passing, but at least he cut that back to five or six times a game. His assist numbers are actually pretty good at this point, and the shot is starting to fall when its not him trying to go one on five.

Yea, I've definitely seen a change in his game. I think he's had a couple of talking tos.

Once he shoots and misses 3 or 4, you can physically see he loses confidence in his shot. His body language changes. And he goes into distribution mode.

I'm not too opposed to it. He knows when he's hot and he knows when he's not. He's not irrationally confident in his shot anymore. Maybe it's because he knows he's got other players around him now that can knock down those shots. (SINGLER YO! And Stuckey, hope he's not injured too long.)

4 game win streak! Lessss go!
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