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Default We play like a hurricane

This Pistons team is pretty devastating. We have soooo much size and athleticism now. We constantly create turnovers, blocks, confusion due to athleticism and size.

We also aren't organized at all.

This is the most disorganized, disruptive team I have ever seen. I really think this team can beat any other team on any given night, but would never pick them to beat a good team. If our shooters are on, our defensive disruption leads to great transition points. But we can be so boneheaded that those turnovers don't even matter because we make so many stupid passes and don't run effective set plays.

Has anyone ever seen a team like this? Chalk full of talent and winning potential at every position, but don't know how to fully harness that potential?

But hey, 4 games winning streak and at .500! Lessss go!!!!!

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