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Default Re: Basketball Diary

^ ?

My knees have felt a lot more stable while playing lately, but unfortunately it hasn't converted into playing better. I have a feeling in time it will, but been in a slump as of late.

Played Friday night but started cramping in the lower stomach about half way through the second. Couldn't really do anything after that. Also made a crucial TO in the last couple minutes to put us down by 6. I though I saw one of our guys cutting into the middle but it was of theirs... Passed it straight to him

Then played Saturday night, pick up games to 11 for 3 hours. Played the first couple good, I was on fire, but then couldn't hit anything. Last game of the night, I struggled to even get the ball which was frustrating. I was making excellent passes, but my team mates couldn't finish them.

One of our guys went shot jacking, when his hot, it's ok, but he was ice cold.
Meanwhile, I had the best defender on me, so I was making him work, but no one gave me the extra pass. And then on defence, I was guarding their best player, who was on fire that day too, as well as playing good help D.
Just a frustrating night, doing everything well off the ball, but getting no where.

Sometimes wonder if I should just quit basketball.. Go back to playing Astro Turf Hockey. I was a Div. 1 and also State Champion at Hockey.
Oh well, they say it get's toughest right before you get better. So hopefully soon I'll be due for a boost in skill

Till next time,
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