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Default Re: Raptors, Kings Close On Rudy Gay Trade

Originally Posted by Jballer
I would agree.

In fact you could actually make a reasonable arguement to say that with less overlap in Derozan/Gay ISO Offence plus the addition of a true "distributing back up point guard known for pick and roll"... that the team as of today is as good or even better and more balanced !

We lost talent in Gay despite what his perfromance here was; but we picked up depth a PG and depth in the forecourt which argueably makes us deeper and better.

I reserve my judegment. This may NOT be a tank move at all.

Just saying

I would tend to agree with this post, im not convinced the quote unquote tank is a done deal.

Our main weakness was our bench scoring, and now we have a deep bench. We lost our best isolation scorer, but Demar isnt a big drop off from Rudy in that dept.

In the weak Atlantic, we could still be a playoff team....4th seed actually, not a good thing.

If not for the Denver Meltdown, we would have just completed a .500 West Coast Rd trip.

Judging by all the East teams just as bad as us, A tanking season isnt a guarantee that we get Wiggins. It might give us 15% chance at landing him. He is the only player worth tanking for....

My worst fear is we achieve more of the same last 5 years. Bad enough to miss the playoffs, good enough to not get a good lottery pick.
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