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Default Re: The Knicks Official Regular Season Game Thread.

Originally Posted by Rameek
This is a crock of crap. You bashed everyone except the player that should be held most accountable.

Fans arent the reason a FA doesnt come or go. Thats some el gringos rationale bro. Weak sauce to the rim gets swatted to the cheap seats. You're better than that!

At the end of the day.... I was talking about Chandler playing with more than just a flu broham! No player is out almost 2 months with a flu. Melo knee and shoulder is manageable.

Melo is the best player the Knicks has had in years. He is a fantasy team superstar. He should be the 2nd best player or 3rd or 4th or 5th etc on a team that expects to win.

At the end of the day.... I dont think the Knicks will put the necessary pieces around him or someone potentially a better leader until Stat is gone. He has to decide whether he can wait for that or walk away.

So explain to me what was the reasoning behind Chandler's performance against Miami in the playoffs again.

And I have bashed Melo before. I just find it ironic that the best player we've had since Ewing also happens to be the most criticized....just like Ewing was. I saw how that story ended. Our city treated Ewing like shit until he retired. Just like Melo, Ewing played with a lot of BUMS. And why exactly should Melo "be held most accountable?" That alone explains my point. Amare Stoudemire gets paid just as much as him and hasn't done jack shit even when healthy in YEARS.

End of the day, Melo is top 5 at his position. The players ahead of him aren't attainable via trade or free agency. They didn't want to come here. He did. Period.

I bash other players a lot because they deserve it. We lack talent and they are "the lack their of". The whole "it's Melo's fault" shit is getting old and wack. When everyone was on Gallo's jock and we were losing every season, where was these same criticisms? We sucked for a decade and now we get someone worth talking about to play for this piece of shit fan base and we want to run him out of town. But then with the same face love guys like Novak, Shitioni, Ward, Jeffries, Kidd etc. Shit don't make sense to me man. It never will.
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