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Default Re: Official Toronto Blue Jays Discussion 2013

With Hutch, I liked him when he was pitching pre-injury. I can see him as a #3 at his peak. However, going with just Buehrle, Dickey and Morrow as your confirmed starters into spring training would be pretty disappointing, especially because I don't trust Dickey or Buehrle. Morrow can't be trusted to pitch a full season either. If that happens to be the case (I don't think it will), we may become sellers by the trade deadline in the upcoming season.
I agree. None of those guys are guarantees to even be #2 quality starters due to a number of reasons. And then after them the next options are Happ, Hutchison, Stroman, Redmond? Then after that you get into the bigger question marks like Drabek, Nolin and, ugh, Romero.

The Jays must add another starter if the goal is to contend in 2014.
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