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Default Re: The Knicks Official Regular Season Game Thread.

Amare is a dead man walking, we all know it, but unlike Melo Amare only took Dolans money....we lost no assets to acquire him.

Right now this team stinks really dog shit bad, and every single move they make compunds it even worse to surround the team around a player who isnt a #1 option or a leader.

I dont even care about the player traded for him, imo they are replaced already and he's better than them individually.

But if the Knicks have to hand over one of those once in a lifetime players to Denver via lotto pick because Melo cannot will this team to the playoffs, I will be one pissed maphucker.

Then this draft is deep anyway, so chances are we might have to give up a good player anyway.

When you make max dollars and step on the court...get the job done.
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