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Default Re: The Knicks Official Regular Season Game Thread.

Sorry but if you dont know why Chandler was out almost 2 months before the playoffs dont really know what to tell you.

You cant be paid 20 plus million dollars and not be the best player on the floor every night. You act like there are bunch of small forwards in the league that teams build around. That isnt the case. So top 5 at his position means JACKandShat broham. The guy isnt built to carry a team. There is nothing wrong with that. Not many players are built like that. The guy isnt built to win games offensively or defensively. Their arent too many guys in the league can take over games win the team needs it to keep things close or to close out games. The guy isnt built that way. So once you accept that then its fine. To be the best player since Ewing (which I disagree with Sprewell was better IMHO) he doesnt equate to the lofty standards nor does he have that elite pedigree that you so richly want bestow upon him.

At the end of the day.... He may be the best player the Knicks has had in a while doesnt mean he is the best player to deliver this team to glory or carry this team.

I have no qualms about his limitations. I'm just sick of this top superstar crap people want to label him as. I get sick of the offensive elite garbage scoring I keep hearing. Scoring titles and no W's means nothing to me.

The guy shouldnt be the best player on a great team. The guy needs help. If his shot doesnt fall he is useless. When a real star shot isnt falling they may or may not keep shooting but they will still impact the game in some capacity that will contribute to winning. This is what makes JR a loser.

At the end of the day.... Like Knickcity says, "The team needs better players so we lose but when your best player isnt the best player on the floor the team will lose with or without him!"
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