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Default Re: The Knicks Official Regular Season Game Thread.

Originally Posted by el gringos
How did the knicks play when chandler was out that long stretch late last season? Prob pretty bad right?

Sprewell better than Carmelo...................

chandler coming back won't make a big enough difference. Pg and coach would- even if that meant losing chandler. Your meltdown won't change that no matter how terrible your opinion of Carmelo is, or how great chandler and his impact is.

crazy how one guys injuries are a non factor but the other guy is a warrior for playing through his. Its too bad you weren't being rational
IT's THE PLAYOFFS not REGULAR SEASON you do know there is a distinct difference between level of play and quality of teams. Like I said ANYONE HERE would feel good of a front court of Martin, Melo, Copeland, and some Solomon thats good for you (these are the players who started and played during that hot streak at the end of the season). Find any other legit person on this forum to support your notion and I'll back off it.

I know what Melo injuries was... Water in the knee you get a needle drain it keep it moving. A strain in the shoulder you can manage that. But the guy didnt play any different before or after those injuries.

Saying Chandler only had the flu is crazy.

Melo plays like crap in the playoffs and its everyone else fault? So the highest paid player on the team who is suppose to be "THE MAN" is injured plays terrible giving the team no chance to win. Chandler plays injured after damn near 2 months off and its all his fault. Or its everyone else fault that Melo isnt as great as all of you believe.

This is where we disagree at. MELO IS NOT GREAT OR ELITE. He is not good enough to carry a team. He isnt what some of you are making him out to be. Franchize keeps rambling about him being a top 5 SF. That really means nothing in the grand scheme of things when only a couple of teams are built around or has developed a franchise type player at that position. I mean in all honesty there are only 3 SF's to really speak of anyways in LBJ, Durant and Paul George. So he's top 4 so what?

The bottom line is the guy isnt that great so this team needs a significant upgrade in talent in every position. I am not saying trade Melo but he isnt a Max guy in any capacity so I rather him walk than give a pseudo star all that money and he cant lead this team to anything.

When CP3 was in NO you can see how he carried and lead team. It didnt translate to W's because the players around him were not that good. It was clear his leadership and abilities but the roster around him was too terrible to get W's. LBJ same way. Shoot KLove and LBJ same thing. But Melo doesnt play on that level and the team loses. There is a difference.

I forgot.... At the end of the day most people have 2 arms

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