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Default Re: Laker News: Pau Gasol dealing with ankle sprain

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I'm not going to bash anyone's trade ideas......remember we got Pau for Kwame.....and the truth is that if anyone had suggested that possibility at the time we all would've laughed that person off the board

Pau Expirer > Kwame Expirer

That was a very good deal for Memphis and has always made sense to me. Not only did they get an expirer in Kwame, but they got a Gasol of their own too. So in the end they ended up with a front line of Randolph and Marc Gasol, which has been one of the best in the NBA. In no way do I think the Lakers ripped off the Grizzlies in that deal and I will defend it to this day. I think the Lakers got the immediate benefit of the deal, but in the long term it was better for the Grizzlies.
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