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Default Sorry Fellas....just not understanding Knick fan logic

I've been a long time poster here and I really enjoy all of you guys. But it appears, how we view the Knicks are totally different. It's becoming mundane and redundant to keep having the same argument. So I will make my stance on the "problem with the Knicks" argument once and for all and then fall back. I'm not saying I'm not going to post but please pardon me if I post a lot less than normal.

Cole Aldrich- I think he's a stiff and not very talented but I think he's big enough and tough enough to mix it up. The way I see it is, if he can't get burn when Chandler is out and you have no real center, then why is he on your roster.? Either play him or cut him. I'm fine either way. He's a last resort kinda player

Carmelo Anthony- I think he's a top tier player in this league. He needs to be way more efficient and I think he doesn't make the game easy for himself like other players do. That being said, he's incredibly skilled at making difficult things look easy. I think he's at the top with Durant as far as pure scorers. I think he's yet to have a coach properly use him ( I never liked Karl or Antoni and Woody is a terrible offensive coach). I've yet to see a coach get him easy looks. I think his on ball defense is underrated but I think his help defense needs a lot of improvement. He over commits at times and gets lost in rotations. His 3 point shooting has been atrocious this year. I think he's trying to shoot his way out of slumps instead of attacking the rim and getting easy shots just to see the ball go in. I think he gets cheated by the refs but then again, our whole team doesn't get calls. I think, other than this year, Melo's underachieved rebounding wise. I think, when he concentrates on it, he's an good rebounder because he's strong and a quick jumper. He isn't an elite athlete but neither is K Love and he inhales rebounds lol. He should be around 8 rebounds a game every year. If given the Denver trade again, I'd do it in a heartbeat. He's the best player we've had since Ewing and I grew up a huge Marbury fan.

Andrea Bargnani- He's a very skilled Euro style big man. He loves to showcase his offensive prowess. He has the potential to be a better defender than one would think, if he puts his mind to it....but he almost never puts his mind to it. I think he came into the season out of shape. He looked flabby and slower than normal. I think he's not only getting in better condition but his confidence is growing. He's been aggressive on offense. I think he's a solid 3rd or 4th man to have on your roster provided you have someone to make up for his lack of defense.

Tyson Chandler- There's no secret I think this guy is overrated. I think he isn't nearly the defender or rebounder people make him out to be nor do I think he's as tough as people say. That being said, he's a vital part of our team. His energy is contagious. He ignites the team. I also witnessed, first hand, his communication skills on defense. To me, that's his most impressive trait. He barks out instructions like a middle linebacker. That's very important on defense. I would trade him in a heartbeat, but while he's here WE ABSOLUTELY NEED HIM!!!

Raymond Felton- I've said all along "he's a middle of the road PG getting paid middle of the road money." The beginning of this year however, he wasn't even that. He was BAD. I don't know what's happened but this guy doesn't play any defense anymore. He used to play D. He's average at best at every attribute but I tolerated him because he didn't make many mistakes. He thinks he's far better than he is and, at times, we've benefited from that false confidence. So far this year, however, he's been a backup at best. Ultimately, you can't have a mediocre PG AND lack talent at the other positions. It has to be either or, especially given how many teams have solid PGs now.

Tim Hardaway Jr- For a late 1st round pick, I'd have no buyer's remorse. He plays with fire and passion regardless of the score. I love his energy. I love his confidence. The obvious is that he gets way too overzealous sometimes with his shot selection. He also needs to get a lot stronger. I've seen some 2's bully him at times. I'd like to see him improve defensively, because much like Melo, he gets lost in rotations and his help defense is poor. All of this can be improved though. He's just a Rookie.

Kenyon Martin- At this point in Kenyon's career, he's an energy guy off the bench. Problem is, our lack of general management and injuries have made it to where we rely on him for way more than that. He rebounds pretty well for a guy who's really undersized for his position. He's a solid help defender and shot blocker (best on the team in my opinion). His on ball defense leaves a lot to be desired. Simply put, he's too aggressive. He fouls way too much so if you're relying on him to play a key role, he likely won't be able to because of foul trouble and injury concerns.

Toure Murry- Honestly, I haven't see enough of him to comment much. I don't think he's the PG people want him to be. I think he's a 2. That being said, it's unfair to judge a guy when he only plays garbage minutes.

Pablo Prigioni- Look. The guy's an extremely hard worker. He's incredibly feisty. He's a "pest" as Breen would say. But so are fleas. Don't mean they should make 1.5 million dollars. Prigioni is just not an NBA caliber basketball player in my opinion. He's inept on offense. He's only good for a wide (and I do mean wide) open 3 occasionally. This talk of his lack of turnovers is very misleading. He doesn't do anything on offense to risk turning the ball over. That's like me saying I've never been in an accident if I don't drive. He doesn't bring the ball up court if there's any ball pressure. Furthermore, the guy is an overrated on ball defender. Sure he gets steals in the back court, but once you realize you need to take care of the ball, he's not the hardest guy to go around. I do like how he plays passing lanes though. Ultimately, Prigioni is a 3rd string PG at best.

Iman Shumpert- He's young. He's very athletic. He came into the league with and NBA body. His jumpshot has continually improved. I think he's a solid rebounder for his position. He needs to work on his handle. It's pretty bad. He has one move really. I like Shump's heart, confidence and emotion. However, it can sometimes be his detriment. He wears his feelings on is sleeve. He;s come out and said his supposed fued with Melo is way overblown and Melo's been a mentor for him. That being said, he's also allowing his mood dictate his play. Regardless of whoever he's mad at, he's mad at someone. Everyone can tell. He's said it himself. Nobody should be able to make you look like a bum though. And for a few games this year, he's looked like a scrub. I think good coaching can fix this. Woody obviously some type of personal issue with this kid. It's like whenever he makes a mistake, he gets reprimanded far more than any other player.

JR Smith-He's very skilled but he can't be trusted. However, if you didn't know this by now, YOU are the one to blame as a GM. Everyone by now should know JR, like Nate Robinson and Jamal Crawford, are ultimate "sparks off the bench". As starters or guys playing big time minutes however, they can't be trusted. He's erratic. His shot selection is terrible. But if you have your starting lineup in order, his on ball defense, scoring prowess, crazy athleticism and sneaky rebounding ability can be a solid piece to the puzzle of a contender.

Amare Stoudemire- Amare is incredibly talented. I had a lot of sympathy for him. I know he hasn't asked to be injured as much as he's been. It's unfortunate, especially since he's worked so hard to be in shape every year. He's also grown up under immense hardships. Here's when I've lost respect for Amare though. I thought it was in very poor taste to have his documentary air a day before the playoffs... all about himself and very little about his teammates or experience as a Knick. It should have been called "how good Amare used to be." Ironically, he didn't play the next game due to injury. Add to that, nowadays, Amare's contributions are less about him helping the team and more about him showing the world "Amare still has it". People talk about Melo. Amare NEVER passes. No reason a PF should have that many turnovers. Plus, he's shyed away from his mid range jumpshot. 18 feet and in, this guy is money. He paid Hakeem Olajuwon to help him with his low post game, and it disappeared. He's a bull in a china shop when he's in the post. Sometimes it works. Sometimes you get turnovers and offensive fouls. More often than not, it's the latter. As for his defense, he's a decent shot blocker when challenging people at the rim. Other than that, he's atrocious. He fouls too much. He's over aggressive one minute and then non existent the next. He gets abused by guys at times that most have never even heard of.

Beno Udrih- I'll keep this brief. He can pass. He's crafty offensively. He's got good size for an NBA PG. He doesn't play defense very well at all.

Metta World Peace- He's always going to be one thing:tough. That said, there comes a time when a player has to realize they don't have it anymore. Most of the time, they're the last to know. don't have it anymore. Now is he an absolute bum who should retire? No. But he's trying to do way too much offensively. Just come in, play defense, get rebounds and tough buckets and that's it. Shoot when you're open and only then. I don't want to see you taking fade aways and trying to be a scorer.
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