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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Some bullshit, man..

I'm one trophy away from the Platinum trophy in NBA 2K13. Turns out it's the MyCareer gold trophy where I have to make my player a HoFer.
I completed 9/10 requirements. Last one was just going to be making the All-Star team one more time and BOOM! I'd retire the career, get the trophy for it and be happy..
But nope. No go. The f*cking game froze because I accepted a contract extension. I forgot all about that b.s problem! Now every time I try to play a game, the save file freezes!
I had to restart this shit. Except now I'm cheating. 7'1" PF in a league full of 25 rated, 5'3" players. I'm dominating. Only problem is it'll be time consuming as f*ck to do 10 HoF requirements. Did 8 so far, but the only ones left are the very time consuming ones, so...

Yeah. Shit sucks.

Sorry for the long post. I can't vent about this to friends or family. They wouldn't understand. I'm sure someone here will, though.
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