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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

The biggest story of the night for me was the improved play by Trey Burke.

Seems to be the biggest story every game even when he wasn't playing.

The schedule lined up for the Jazz to play a bunch of team twice early and I was curious to see how Trey play 1 night differently than the 2nd time he played them. Unfortunately, with the injury he didnít get a chance for GSW, OKC or any of the other twice. Tonight was the second time he played Lillard and he was far better defensively, he played inside his game and inside the team game. He was very good again tonight. The kid is not scared and the continues to get better. 15 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists on 5 of 12 shooting. He had just two turnover.

The Blazers play a particular style of defense and it forces teams to play inside the three point line and go one on one. This is why it is a good match-up for Alec Burks and Alec had a very good first half. The Blazers donít believe in rotations, very similar to how Indiana plays. Burks is able to go 1 on 1 in this setting. He had 20 points, only 2 turnovers but no assists. That is the Portland defense. Alec 8 of 11 from the field is a nice game. He has strung 6 straight games of vastly improved play.

Super to see Batum was face guarding Gordon not letting him get the ball and he while he made some plays the Blazers style meant he was unable to be a play maker Ė he finished with 0 assists.

Jazz had just 13 assists on 36 field goals this is the Blazers game plan working. The Jazz shot just 1 of 7 from three this is the Blazers game plan working.

Jazz are shooting the free throws great Ė 21 of 23 and if you take out the Biedrins misses over the Jazz are over 90% for the last 6 games.
The Jazz played well they simply had a deficiency in the match-up they werenít able to overcome.

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At least they're hitting their freebies now.
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