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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

Jazz Twitter, even nationally, is well known for its slightly kooky opinions, and general tendency for overreaction.

That being said, typically reaction does not come from personalities so close to the team. Brandon Rush, also the recipient of a DNP-CD, responded this way when he was asked why he didn’t play:

@WeAreJazzNation who knows

— Brandon Rush (@BRush_25) December 10, 2013

@WeAreJazzNation I’m good

— Brandon Rush (@BRush_25) December 10, 2013
Yeah it looked like he was starting to get his game together. Eventually he needs to be playing ahead of Jefferson at the very least.

Then, both of Trey Burke’s parents got in the action. Trey’s mother Ronda started by calling for the rookie French center Rudy Gobert to receive playing time over Andris Biedrins and whatever Biedrins is at this point of his career:

@Rondaburke2 maybe if we all say it, they’ll give him a shot….all together Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. Lol

— Ronda Burke (@Rondaburke2) December 10, 2013

Then Benji, Trey’s father and agent, got into the mix, denigrating the Jazz’s 3rd quarter performance and the overall veteran-heavy strategy:

Soft 3rd qaurter. Geesh

— B.Burke (@Benjib10) December 10, 2013

@WeAreJazzNation then play the young guys thats coming back next year. Rebuilding means get them ready for next season

— B.Burke (@Benjib10) December 10, 2013

@YuccaManHoops @dianaallen if thats the case “Sloans way” then we’re not rebuilding. We are putting a band aide on a sore. #realtalk

— B.Burke (@Benjib10) December 10, 2013

Biedrins could be back next year too. He's not old. He could also be traded if he shows he can play. The problem here is Gobert needs to be in the D-League developing his offense.

The Jazz’s PR department has been very quick to stop these sorts of things on Twitter in the past: Enes Kanter was told by the team to become more professional on Twitter after an incredibly entertaining (and very harmless) summer of 2012. Sensitive player tweets have been taken down before, and I’m sure Rush has already been talked to about this one. That being said, its not clear what they’d be able to do about Burke’s parents’ tweets.

Furthermore, if Burke feels as his parents do about Gobert (which isn’t an unreasonable conclusion, especially given the production level of Biedrins), that may lead to some friction in the future between Trey and his coach in his rookie year. Since his return from injury, Burke has probably been Utah’s best player

Certainly the most hyped and he's taken the most shots. Best is highly arguable though.

, and this could mean some turmoil in Jazzland. This is especially worrying for a franchise which was fundamentally, drastically altered 3 years ago when the star PG and coach clashed. That being said, upon the return of either Marvin Williams or Derrick Favors, the issue of Gobert’s playing time is probably quickly put to rest.

2. Jazz transition offense is worrisome.

NBA teams should just be better at transition than this, and if the Jazz had been, they would have been in a position to win tonight’s game. Utah shot just 2 for 9 in 13 fast break opportunities, going to the line just once and turning the ball over three times. Some of this was just missed shots: Burke, Jefferson, and Hayward all had open missed transition threes, for example. But Jefferson also carelessly turned the ball over twice, and Diante Garrett probably forced shots. Had the Jazz converted these opportunities at their usual rate of 1.04 PPP (25th in the league), they would have had 7 more points tonight: not quite the difference, but certainly enough to put the outcome in doubt.

The Jazz aren’t terribly athletic as a whole right now: only Burks, Evans, and Hayward really deserve that adjective of those active. That hurts their fast break potency, and means the team relies on overpassing and forced shots in transition. Tonight, when the transition opportunities fell to the other players, they disappointed.

3. That being said, this wasn’t a bad performance by the Jazz.

Given the negativity in the Jazz community right now, and the points above, it’d be easy to lose track of that this was a pretty respectable game for the Jazz.

People want them to tank and than complain when they lose?

Perhaps the primary reason the Jazz were beaten tonight was Aldridge’s dominance over Jeremy Evans. Evans fought hard, but in the end, Aldridge is just too skilled and too big for Evans, who has shown an ability to be a rotation player but certainly not a starter. Corbin even tried hiding Evans on Lopez for a while, thus leaving the bigger Kanter to guard Aldridge. Then, it was Lopez who bullied Evans effectively.

Out of the 9 players who played tonight for Utah, only Gordon Hayward played more than 20 MPG last season. Mike Harris, Diante Garrett, and Trey Burke weren’t in the league. Richard Jefferson and Andris Biedrins were reasonably benched in Golden State for their poor-to-horrendous play, and Evans, Kanter, and Burke only played limited roles for the Jazz last season. That’s a lot of unproven talent to play in an NBA game against the Western Conference’s best record.

People are sure having a difficult time keeping Burke and Burks straight!
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