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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

NOT PLAYING: Shooting guard Brandon Rush didn’t play for the second game in a row Monday and has only played 56 minutes all season since returning from his knee surgery.

“The way the games have been going of late, I didn’t feel good about putting him in with how the games are going,” Corbin said. “He’s ready to go. I just have to find time to put him on the floor.”

Same goes for rookie Rudy Gobert, who received his seventh DNP-CD in Monday’s loss. Big man Andris Biedrins has been getting the nod more often than the French center lately.

“The matchups weren’t in his favor. It’s a long season. He’ll get a chance to play. It’s just where we are right now,” Corbin said. “I felt better with Andris in there because of rebounding and knowing more about the flow of the game. We had a rhythm going and I kind of wanted to keep that going.”

Corbin said there are certain aspects to the NBA game that are “not instinctive just yet” for Gobert, but he’s working hard to improve.

“We just want to make sure to put him in a position where he can be successful,” Corbin said, “and he doesn’t hurt the flow of the team on both ends of the floor.”

He's definitely raw. He needs to go to the D-League with Clark.
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