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Default Re: Basketball Diary

Originally Posted by mugiwara
yo ai2death, what skipping and squat routines are ya undertaking? got knee issues myself and wanna put together a plan to squat thrust them the f outta here.

I'm doing about 10-20 Minutes of skipping a day, Doesn't really help the knees, but it's a great warm up and great cardio. I also through in some dribbling drills and weights before/after. As for the squats, I try to do 100 body weight squats a day in reps of 20. I lower myself slowly ass to grass, then explode up onto my tip toes, trying not to jump though, cause that feels like it stresses my knees more than what I'm trying to accomplish.

I've also bought some heat packs and ice packs. About 30 minutes before any games I strap the heat packs to my knees, go to the game and unstrap them just before taking the court. Than after the game, I go home have a cool-cold shower then strap the ice packs to my knees. It doesn't seem like much, but it takes away almost all the pain I use to feel the next day.

The hardest part of all this is staying committed to doing it, I know I can get away with out doing it, but I'll be in a lot of pain. The way I look at it is, It hurts more not to play. So I just try and stay motivated.

I've let the squats slip as of late. And last night I could be bothered doing anything, so I just played AC4 lol. Still feel a bit guilty so I'll hit it for twice as long tonight.

But I have thrown in some wall sits, coupled with lifting weights at the same time. Basically have your legs at right angles and your back against a wall, put a basketball between your knees to hold. Then with about 10-12kg in each hand lift the weights above you.

I should also remember to through some planking into my daily workout.
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