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Default Re: Laker News: Pau Gasol dealing with ankle sprain

Originally Posted by $LakerGold
Lol. I'll still take Pau over them. You can't disregard his chemistry with Kobe, despite Kobe's boneheaded plays last night -- them two were great with the screen & roll/give & go last night. Pau is Pau, you can't replace him with Larry Sanders & expect things to get better.

I think the Lakers are back of needing a solid PG, don't get me wrong, I like Steve Blake, he's been great this season, but the Lakers need a veteran PG like a 31 year old Billups (He's not 31, but just trying to make a point).

Damn, I don't care what yall say ... I miss Fisher.

Kobe lost all the leverage on what we do with Pau when he signed that MAX contract. let go off Pau he has nothing the tank and we dont have money to sign him...

time to look at the and sanders was balling last yr before he got injured in the immature bar fight...

why we need a veteran PG? to get abused every night when the league is so stacked at the PG position? if you want for leadership purpose then I can understand but no not for playing purposes...

we can also get a guy like Giannis Antetokounmpo
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