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Default Re: Basketball Diary

Originally Posted by mugiwara
Im from Adelaide, weak basketball here to be honest. In the city its mostly Asian dudes who wanna ball, they play the right way which is good but they call fouls too much and its often easy to dominate just by turning up the intensity. Obviously there are ballers about though, I've played with a bunch of great asian dudes too, found a group with a few dunkers. Most of the young dudes who play at clubs here end up switching to footy when they turn 18 for whatever reason which sucks, i swear all the white guys i ever play with are older ex ABA dudes who are strong, dirty players, knock down shooters and super friendly haha

lol small world, I'm from Adelaide too but it sounds like you're skill level is far beyond mine. I wouldn't necessarily say the basketball is weak here, just not as common as other places. Probably due to the love AFL.
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