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Default Re: Sorry Fellas....just not understanding Knick fan logic

Originally Posted by Bano114
A short but meaningful question I have for you based on your analysis.

You've pretty much fully analyzed the Knick roster. Having also posted here for years (Cant believe its been years now) with you on and off I trust your knowledge enough to know you have a deep knowledge of the coaching staff and management. So heres my question.

With your opinion of these players, do you think this a team with capable pieces to compete for an NBA championship?

If your answer is no, which is what my answer is, what moves do you think should be made?

No I don't think we are a championship team. Personally, I think we have to somehow rid ourselves of at least one bad contract on this team before we can even remotely talk about a ring. We need a facilitator. We need a player who can create their own offense off the dribble
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