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Default Re: Sorry Fellas....just not understanding Knick fan logic

Originally Posted by franchize
WE don't need him to be a spark off the bench though. He works for Houston because they can afford to him to be a bench player. They have talent.

The ideal PG for this team, IMO, is Steph Curry. Unfortunately, we were one pick away from that happening.
In Houston he comes off the bench because they have Harden. In NY he would start. He would be a beast. He scores and makes all the other players happy. I wouldnt mind his defensive deficiencies because he's that good on the offensive end for himself and everyone else although I believe he would have tried to get better.

Unless Melo changed his tune I dont see him playing well with a dominant PG. You know he didnt want Lin what would happen with Curry.

What does Melo like a spot up shooting PG and dump the ball to Melo stand around until he makes a decision with the ball. Shot clock runs down, he'll get double teamed force a shot or pass the rock then get annoyed no one hits that shot with little time on the clock.
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