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Default Re: Sorry Fellas....just not understanding Knick fan logic

Originally Posted by Rameek
In Houston he comes off the bench because they have Harden. In NY he would start. He would be a beast. He scores and makes all the other players happy. I wouldnt mind his defensive deficiencies because he's that good on the offensive end for himself and everyone else although I believe he would have tried to get better.

Unless Melo changed his tune I dont see him playing well with a dominant PG. You know he didnt want Lin what would happen with Curry.

What does Melo like a spot up shooting PG and dump the ball to Melo stand around until he makes a decision with the ball. Shot clock runs down, he'll get double teamed force a shot or pass the rock then get annoyed no one hits that shot with little time on the clock.
I think everything you described happening is a product of Woodson not having an offensive scheme in place to maximize his player's talents.

And no I don't know he didn't want Lin. I only go by facts and what I see people say from their mouths. Not by what "insiders" speculate.
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