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Default Re: Basketball Diary

Originally Posted by mugiwara
Oh snap! haha nah man, I'm nothing special. Trying to get back into form while I'm down here, the locals play here Thursday nights so I'm gonna see if i can jump in a game. Ill hit you up when I'm back and we can ball, we probably already have played together before knowing adelaide.

Yeah, Everyone knows everyone lol. You from North or South?

Back on topic.

Kinda disappointed in myself this week, took Wednesday off ball cause just couldn't be bothered, than my misses getting me to do stuff the last few days so I didn't get my workouts in. Just feeling fat. Everyday trying to cut out sugar/energy drink & fast food, It's hard to do at work as a mechanic, peer pressure for beers and such too.

Oh well heads up to the future. Going to Kuala Lumpur next week for a week, so it will be interesting to see what get's done there. Hopefully our hotel has a gym. Anyone been to KL?

Waiting for a call back to see if there is some pick up on tonight at the local courts. If not, I run a session on Saturday, just make sure I come out aggressive and push the pace.

Anyone here have any experiences of using pre-workout for basketball?
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