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Question Need your HELP/OPINION for this Diagram on DEFENSE.

So there's a basketball community league to where I used to live in the Philippines. & since I can't make it this time, I drew a diagram on how to contain this varsity player guy that is well known for his mean drive. & I need your opinion on this whether if I'm correct or not. & my best friend there is supposed to be the captain of the team, & I sent him these pictures on how to contain the guy.

Note: Back when I played with them, 50-40% of the time I was guarding him & this was my plan for him & it worked 85% of the time.

They're always running the 2-3 zone defense (No 3 seconds violation).

1. This picture shows where I want him to make this guy DRIVE. Since they can easily trap him in the baseline & that will force him to take an uncomfortable shot or kick out.

2. This is where I don't want him to drive.

3. The purple line shows how his body is supposed to be while the guy is driving to the lane. I want him to cut him off & not chase him giving him that momentum & & not give him the ability to use/establish his pivot foot, because once he sets left leg (2a) as his pivot foot, he can easily spin to the baseline & lay it in. So I want him to get back into that weird angle if the guy gets stuck while driving to the lane. DOUBLE TEAM IF NEEDED. If he decides to kick it out to the 3, the second defender should get back to his original position & challenge the shot.

Additional notes: KEEP HIM OUT OF THE BOX.

If he cannot keep up with the guy when driving to the lane, should the second defender help? They're always running 2-3 zone like I said.

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