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Default Re: Need your HELP/OPINION for this Diagram on DEFENSE.

Sort of hard for me to offer advice without knowing more about both teams and the tendencies of their opponent, when he drives is everyone camping out on the perimeter? Of course size, speed and talent are important factors. What you definitely want to do is force him to drive in a direction away from their best % shooter, this forces either a difficult cross court pass and allows a ball side defender to cheat and help a bit. What I have done many times is get the drive happy player to commit to beating his man, force him into our center to handle him while the initial defender bails to cut off the ball side passing lane.....hard to really tell you how to play everything out without seeing it firsthand. One thing I strongly believe in is if a guy is a real problem, you have to do everything in your power to keep the ball out of his hands aka "Ball Denial" this takes an aggressive defender and strong rotations. Back in the day, this is what Michael Cooper successfully did against Larry Bird. My teams destroy all the top point guards by forcing them to give up the ball and never letting them get it back, thus forcing someone else to be the playmaker and this completely disrupts their offense.

As I said, given the limited information, this is about all I can tell you.
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