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Default Re: Fantasy Football 2013 Advice

Originally Posted by Trollsmasher
I lost my first fantasy league PO game, because of Le'veon Bell stat correction and ****ing Brent Celek not going for at least 8 more yards before sliding down so Foles would win it for me...

Now I am mad like a raging bull

Am I mentally fit to play this game in the future?

I drafted Trent Richardson and David Wilson as my top 2 RBs.

The reason I missed the play offs....

I win by 2 the week the Cowboys beat the Giants.

Wake up the next day go on Fantasy and find out I lost because a stat correction took away 3 points.

Remember when Romo threw that pass at the end of the game to Dez that he CAUGHT at the 1? And the refs said it was incomplete but the replay showed it was clearly a catch and the commentators even said it was?

Yeah...I didn't make the play offs because of that. I had Romo and Dez.

**** fantasy football
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