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Default Re: Rumour: Lowry to New York

Never thought I'd say this but I'm excited to see Lowry get dealt because we'll really see what type of GM we have in Masai. After reports of Dolan turning down a deal, we'll see Masai's negotiation tactics come in play. If he plays hard ball and ends up getting Shump, Hardaway, 2018 1st or something as good he'll have my support 100% no matter what he does. He could trade JV for a 2030 2nd and I'd support it

I don't believe the Felton+MWP+2018 1st package for Lowry is accurate though. I just can't see why Masai would make a deal like that especially in early December. If there were no better offers on the table I could see him making a deal like that near the deadline. Lowry is playing his best ball right now and his value is only going to go up with Rudy off the team. We hold the leverage on Knicks, their PG is injured and they're having a terrible season so far. Add on the pressure to make Carmelo happy I just don't see why Masai would make a deal like that at this time.
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