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Default Re: Gasol poised for MVP season

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Every time Pau opens his mouth he comes across like a complete idiot, he seriously needs to shut his pie hole. Everyone knows that Pau wasn't aggressive BEFORE 'Antoni got here
He's not aggressive because he has a V@gina, plain and simple.

If he were smart he would've just said that he plays his best basketball in the paint but the coach won't allow him to post up......then even I could have a bit of sympathy for him.

offense he can complain but what about defense and getting those damm rebounds?

play with some fcuking heart there right DK?

Nene abused him
Amir Johnson abused him
A Davis abused him
Tim Mozgov abused him
Morieff twins abused him?

lol list goes on
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