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Default Re: Gasol poised for MVP season

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
offense he can complain but what about defense and getting those damm rebounds?

play with some fcuking heart there right DK?

Nene abused him
Amir Johnson abused him
A Davis abused him
Tim Mozgov abused him
Morieff twins abused him?

lol list goes on

Absolutely, Positively RIGHT!!!!
I am HUGE on rebounding, I have always taught all of my players to rebound and if things aren't right, I have been known to have 2hr practices wnere we only practice rebounding techniques.

And, that MFer needs to show some pride as a man and get mean if someone is whipping his ass.....if Mozgov can whip your ass you belong on the bench making Sacre type money.......just saying.

Yet with all this, Pau wants to run his mouth
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