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Default Re: Need your HELP/OPINION for this Diagram on DEFENSE.

They can shoot 3's, but not at a high level.

The next thing they're worried about out are the drop passes/backdoor cuts/cutters when he drives to the lane. The varsity player & their PG are so good at that. They both have the same skill sets, both can shoot, 1 is just bigger than the other.

I've stopped their point guard like 4 years ago, though, I had to make him uncomfortable by blocking 4 or 5 of his shots & stopped most of his drop passes. Basically took him out of his game spiritually, lol. Unfortunately, we lost the game, I became their scoring option because my best friend had to attend some family occasion & missed the whole game. They started calling me Ben Wallace after that game, it felt so good. haha

I really want to go home & play with them right now It's killing me... fml.

@DK, sorry, he hasn't responded yet.
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