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Default Re: Rumour: Lowry to New York

I think Dolan the "media savy" or is it "media hater" owner is simply too afraid to pull a one up deal with Toronto.

Nets would love Klow as a 1-2 combo but apparently are not in serious running.

I "think" - not hear - that Klow and OAsik Houston may be linked. There is likely a three way or even 4 way team trade out there (ala Denver, Orlando, Philly for Bynum) where Toronto ends up with drafts and youth... and the other teams end up with the part they want. Could even be Asik here but I dont see how that works out unless it is more player i.e. Landry / Ross and some of the youth talent we acquired vis a vis Sacremento

Look at the history of MU from Denver. He stepped in to get Iggy.
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