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Default The new WNBA forum rules!

As an owner/moderator of this forum, I have to set down some rules. If you break any of these rules, you'll be charged with a neg. Break another, a 30-day ban, and then a permanent ban follows that.

1. All members should show their utter respect not only to moderators and higher level ISHers, but to their fellow low-rep and low-post members. We are all men/women here, and no need to act childish by being disrespectful to another one.
2. Strictly no insulting. Insulting is a disgusting, cowardly way of conversing and is not allowed here. That's what RealGM is for.
2b. Naked pictures/porn is encouraged here and should be posted often by all members.
3. Post here often! Forums are for fun/intelligent conversations and not for lurking with no posting. Lets all e-hold hands and laugh together while chatting!
7. Donate at least €2.00 to the WNBA Forum a week, and lets build this forum up together.
8. Rep BTE members whenever you have the chance. These men/women are at the utter most highest level and should be treated with lots of respect. If a BTE brethren reports a neg to me, the member who negged will be IP banned and hacked vigorously.
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