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Default Re: Basketball Diary

On Monday, i went to the ymca with my brother and cousins to play. Usually we play full court (on the side baskets), but this time we played half court 3v3's. I started to hit probably like 10 threes of 3 games. I was in the zone aha. It was an amazing feeling, but i cooled off after that. Then we played 4v4 full court when things cleared up and i did alright. hit another three tho

yesterday, went to a different ymca and played full court and completely sucked. couldn't make a layup or three. Still won that game, but in the second game it was 11-11, up to 12 winning by 2. i got a screen and hit a long three pointer to win the game. (feelin' like Lillard) and did the same thing when we played half court 3v3. can't hit a shot until the game's on the line

going back up there today. will update!!

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