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Default Re: Rumour: Lowry to New York

Originally Posted by kmart
Rockets don't want Lowry. They have Beverly and Lin.


Beverly and Lin may be why they would take him back.

Or one of the above also ends up in Philly or Toronto... the "additional pieces" to make the cap fit.

In seriousness though Toronto and Houston both have "players to move" and both set the bar high in terms of young talent and picks back combo deals.

Gonna be interesting to see what they accomplish because no team in the east is really out of playoff contention. In the west no team really needs a big like Asik or a PG like Klow. The depth of PGs in the west is embarassing...

Now I suppose one might argue the Thunder would love a Klow as insurance but again the Thunder are not the type of team that makes generous give aways in young talent and picks..

My gut tells me right now that the only deal for Klow involves a 3 or 4 team swap with Houston also in the mix. Its difficult to see Houston and Toronto both getting first rounders.
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