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Default Re: The Knicks Official Regular Season Game Thread.

Originally Posted by Bano114
Don't get me wrong I agree. I'm over giving up draft picks. I just think it's comical the one time Dolan decides not to we wind up desperately needing a player at that position. The guys life is mind boggling.
If it takes giving up a draft pick to get the right pg it has to be done. Lowry just isn't that guy. Why have the Knicks not bought any picks if they really wanted one. I guarantee at least 3 picks could be bought over the next six years.

I've been out of state for the last few weeks. Since low on pg's has shumpert been the pg any? Is that how murry is getting minutes? I would still love to see runs w the 5 best players playing together. Shumpert/jr/Carmelo/bargnani/chandler.
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