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Default Re: The draft just got even more unpredictable...

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
The guy drafted Kedrick Brown and Joe Forte and is responsible for the Vin Baker trade. I wouldn't do any deals out of fear of Chris Wallace. Wouldn't shock me if Ainge has been hyping Jianlian just to get someone else to take him (a la Robert Swift). Joakim Noah said that Jianlian ought to be the top pick, though.

Buckets my friend, you are also forgetting the fact that he orchestrated the Joe Johnson(when it could've been Kedrick brown) for Rodney Rogers,and Tony Delk deal. He had a weekly radio spot(at the time) on 1510 the zone and was absolutely crowing about the fact that the player the Suns had really wanted was Kedrick Brown(Remember Suns were looking to dump salary at that time). But he(along with the rest of the C's front office) believed that Kedrick' potential and upside was greater then that of Joe Johnson and weren't willing to part w/him. This also the guy who said that the reason the C's drafted 3 wing guys that year, was because there weren't any legit big men(Had a shot at Zach Randolph or Brendan Haywood) or good point guards(Arenas, Parker, and Tinsley) in the draft.

Or my absolute favorite of all. The fact that they wasted the 11th pick that year on Kedrick Brown, which we got from Denver. Instead of holding onto it until for 2 years and allowing most of all the protections on it(It was top 10 protected in 01, top 5 in 02, #1 protected in 03, and unprotected in 04 and beyond) to end. So in 03' we could've drafted melo or Bosh or Wade. He used because he thought that Denver was a team on the rise, and the pick would never be any better then it was.

Good Luck Memphis!!!!!!
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