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i like the idea of getting 2 picks for the #1 but i think that the #1 is worth more than the 12 and 15, if they were to throw in jr smith who they want rid of then it would be more fair to us

we'd then be able to get a solid pg, a back up 2 (jr smith) and some help at the center position (cedrick simmons or hilton armstrong) and we'd still ahve a tonne of cap space to sign a FA centre (joel P or nene) and then we would defiantley have the BEST young team in the nba

coming out of the draft with either rondo, rodrieguez(another european player), brewer, or farmer to split the point with calderon and either O'Bryant, s williams, simmons armstrong or gray to play as a legit back up centre would really make our roster look nice and very well balanced

other than that

i would consider trading charlie V to the sixers for andre igudouala and #13, maybe throw in araujo and eric williams or whatever, thats the nly way i'd consider trading charlie V, i dont want a veteren for him, i want osmeone who is proven now with future all star ability (and iggy plays nice defense)
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