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Default Re: The draft just got even more unpredictable...

Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
The fact that a guy like Biggie can still get a job in the NBA after his years at the helm of the Celtics is unreal. Taking Kedrick Brown, who played fierce competition such as Pensacola Junior College, was one of the most idiotic moves I've ever seen, and every Celtic fan knew immediately it was a mistake. Brown and Forte aren't picks that we look back now and go, "oh, what was he thinking" but thought they would work out at the time. Most Cs fans knew from day one Brown and Forte were going to be garbage.

The thing with Kedrick Brown was that his athletic ability was awe inspiring. Saw him play at the Shaw' Summer league, and his raw ability was amazing. The problem was that everything else he had game knowledge, instincts, ball handling, jump shot were all pretty awful. He had very little if any skill to his game. But he could play defense. I believed that Joe forte would work out because he had been an absolute beast for UNC(he had been ACC player of the year). But there were some serious maturity issues there, and from what was written about him he didn't take to coaching well.
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