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Default Re: If Greg Oden Wasnt Taken #1

Originally Posted by Interminator
Would Seattle Actually Take Him

That Would Mean:
Robert Swift(First Round Pick)
Johan Petro(First Round Pick)
Saer Sene(First Round Pick)
Chris Wilcox(A Young Beast)
Nick Collison(Very Good Power Foward)

Too Much!

Why do you mention "First Round Pick" as if that has any bearing on whether they'd draft Oden? If you're a GM and you really have second thoughts about taking Oden because of this, then you don't deserve to be a damn GM. Being a first rounder means squat.. there are more busts in the first round than there are good players. Good GM's know when to cut their losses...

Passing on a franchise player to draft a need will cripple your franchise. Bowie over Jordan ring a bell? Never draft on needs when there are two dynamite players named Oden and Durant in the draft... I don't care if you have Shaq, Duncan, and KG as your frontline. If Oden is there, you take him. PERIOD.

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