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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by Rameek
Money and winning is on opposite spectrum for this guy possibly.

But I wont lay sole blame at his feet because the President/GM doesnt make good decisions with the money they do have.
Sure I can, because his salary at that amount limits them from being able to field a proper roster.

This is how I look at it....

The team has a cap(budget), the league essentially tells them how much they have to spend, kinda like our wages we earn each week.

The team needs certain components to be competitive (quality players) just like we need certain things for everyday life.

Melo is one of those quality players needed, but him at a certain price strains the budget, similar to how the kids may one month run up the cable bill ordering PPV's, except in Melo's case it would affect the budget every single year.

We have the option of working overtime to offset, the team has cap exceptions, but doesnt always help.
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