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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by knickscity
I really dont think anyone disputes this.

All we're stating is having a guy soak up 40% of your cap compounds it further.

Now hear is something folks wont say.....

The Knicks will never win a title again because they arent needed to do so, and fans in general wont demand it.

All is need is a playoff win and a famous name and most are satisfied.

The evidence is in the attendance.
I disagree. I don't think the fans are satisfied with a playoff win.
How big is New York City ? 10,15,20 million ?
Out of all that people you'll find 20000 who are willing to spend some money to watch the Knicks.

If you suck and you play in a smaller city you're going to have a huge trouble filling your arena. But if you're playing in such a huge city you're always going to find people to go to a game no matter how bad you are.
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