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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by franchize
Melo isn't the only player with a max contract. You can have a max player and still have talent elsewhere. Time to stop making excuses for the GMs. They didn't build teams properly BEFORE Melo and they probably won't after Melo. As I said before, some day you guys will wake up and say "Franchize was right. Our GMs suck at finding talent." lol
I agree with this. The only guy that actually brought talent to the team was Zeke. I do blame the GM's. I all but said that already. The GM's are the problem. Dolan is the problem.

Let's not compound the issue by giving Melo Max Money.... why....

My point was Melo isnt worth Max Money. If he wants Max Money he has shown he isnt that important of a draw, he isnt that important in the locker room, he isnt that important to his teammates on the floor, he isnt the face of the franchise or leader of men. So IMHO he isnt worth the MAX MONEY.

If the Knicks had the right President/GM then maybe we can believe they could build around Melo properly. We dont have the evidence that it can be done.

Originally Posted by franchize
Yea thank goodness for Dee Millner

I didnt think Dee Millner was going to be good right off the back. But he should have never been looked at like Revis replacement. He just wasnt healthy in college or good enough. But Revis couldnt help this team win more games than they did because the problem was offensively. No player that isnt a game changer or leader should take up that much hard cap space. Do not get me wrong I would have loved for Revis to come back but not at a game changer price.

Originally Posted by knickscity
I really dont think anyone disputes this.

All we're stating is having a guy soak up 40% of your cap compounds it further.

Now hear is something folks wont say.....

The Knicks will never win a title again because they arent needed to do so, and fans in general wont demand it.

All is need is a playoff win and a famous name and most are satisfied.

The evidence is in the attendance.
I really dont believe Dolan is about winning championships. I dont see anything he has done that leads me to believe that its about winning it seems to be about revenue and popularity.

Originally Posted by Clutch
I disagree. I don't think the fans are satisfied with a playoff win.
How big is New York City ? 10,15,20 million ?
Out of all that people you'll find 20000 who are willing to spend some money to watch the Knicks.

If you suck and you play in a smaller city you're going to have a huge trouble filling your arena. But if you're playing in such a huge city you're always going to find people to go to a game no matter how bad you are.
This I believe is true. People with disposable money will generally go fill up the Garden expensive seats. Look at the money that is made in the Tri-State area. Those seats will always been sold out. It's still a hot ticket for average folks as well.

It's not about the product on the floor thats why Dolan gets away with murder.

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