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Default Re: Both Mike Conley and Daequan cook probably staying in draft

I think Cook is in for good, and he is making a big risk I think. Playoff teams usually look for either a player to help our right away, or an International player to keep their salary down. Cook is neither of those. And the kicker is that you have two Europeans in Belinelli and Fernandez who are available and a slew of NBA ready swingmen in that 1st round bubble area.

I think Cook's best chance at going in the 1st round would be the Knicks (although they have been said to have promised Wilson Chandler their pick) and Philly if they feel Iggy would be better at SF. Utah, Houston, Detroit, and SA all could use a young scorer at SG off the bench, but why take him over Afflalo, Almond, Johnson, or Tucker?

And I am not trying to knock down Cook. I do think he will be a solid scorer in the NBA. I am also a fan of Marcus Williams, but I think the same thing will happen to him. I think there is an even bigger risk with him because you have guys like Dudley, Chandler (if the Knicks don't take him), Byars (another possible 1st rounder), Nichols, Terry, and McGuire perhaps taking 2nd round picks away from him.
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