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Default Re: Bulls: Conley Jr a possible option

I don't think Conley is as high on team's lists as some may think. I think he is probably high on some teams lists, but so aren't Horford, both Wrights, Jianlian, Noah, Brewer, and Jeff Green. You throw in a wildcard like Hawes, who I still think will get a very real look by the Celtics at 5 and certainly the Bulls at 9, and off of a sudden it isn't so crazy to think that Conley could fall to 9 or even 11. If the Kings trade Bibby, I think they take him, but if not, it is possible they take Thorton as people seem to think they will.

Would anyone be shocked to see the Hawks take Horford or Jianlian at 3 over Conley? Memphis to take Horford? Celtics to take Horford or Jeff Green? The Bucks to grab either Wright or Jeff Green? Minnesota to take Noah, either Wright, Brewer, Green, or possibly even Hawes? The Hornets to stick with Felton, and take Brewer, Noah, or Green? Chicago to take Noah or Hawes? The Kings to not trade Bibby, and replace Aretest with Green, Thorton, Brewer, or Julian Wright?

I wouldn't be shocked to see any of those things. I would expect Memphis and Minnesota to take Conley, but look how the PG's dropped last year.
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