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Default Re: Melo his future....

He's no question a max player.

I never liked the trade from the get-go(you can see some of my older posts on this forum) but at this point we put all our eggs in one basket and we must keep him. He's a #1 option and a great player(as well as a genuine prick).

We don't have the picks in the future to do a proper rebuild.. If we had this years first round pick we could have drafted a guy like Marcus Smart(PG) or a elite prospect(in a strong draft) to go along with the guys we have now. But no instead we'll try to fight for a 8th seed which is pointless since we'll get anally raped by Miami or Indiana and we'll probably end up trading for a guy like Lowry to make that playoff push and mortgage our future even more.

Best thing to do is resign Melo and just hope we can sign some players when Amare and Tyson expire.

But if the value for Melo is there then why not.
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