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Default Re: Melo his future....

Originally Posted by franchize
Dying to know who IS worth max money in some of you guys' eyes.

I personally wouldn't hesitate to give him a max deal. We don't have many draft picks going forward nor has any Knicks GM in the last 2 decades shown the ability to be creative in free agency and the trade market. But yea. Let him walk so we can sit with Tyson Chandler, Amare Stoudemire and the next Jared Jeffries/Pablo Shitioni we've all been told is the unsung hero of the team
So why is he worth max money? I havent seen one concrete answer yet. Not one person has presented a reasonable nor rational explanation to resign this guy for 25 mill or more.

It really doesnt matter who is on the roster with him or without him. The Knicks are losing with him being the best player on the squad. What will change in the future that suggest that having him suck up that much cap space without picks and chandler and stat on the team? The team is going to lose with a max guy or without him.
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