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Default Re: Melo his future....

My opinion:
1. Because he lead the league in scoring last year and is like #2 this year.
2. Because I personally feel he's one of the best players in the league.
3. Because no player I feel is better than Carmelo will be available. Ex. We don't have a shot at LeBron and Durant will be part of the Thunder for years to come.
4. Despite our record this year, we overachieved last year and I personally think he was the biggest reason why.
5. Because he is one of a handful of players who can truly compete head up with LeBron James.
6. Because we don't have draft picks or many assets to replace a player of his caliber.
7. Because he's the best player we've had since Patrick Ewing. I do recall us paying Allan Houston a shit load of money btw.

So there's my rationale. People on this board have readily said "why should we keep him?" and "we should just blow it up". well there's my answer. Now I'd love to see everyone's plan once we "blow it up". The bottom feeder teams "blow it up" all the time. Cap space doesn't win championships tho. So what's the plan when we do get rid of the disease that apparently Carmelo Anthony is lol?
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