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Default OT: Just played a great NBA 2K7 game

Nuggets (115) vs Wizards (112)

I was the Nuggets. Probably one of the best games I've ever played in 2K7. Arenas was shooting the lights out (once made 4 threes in a row) and Iverson and Melo were playing great as well. Non-stop action, especially in the 4th quarter. In the last 4 seconds, Iverson pressured Arenas at half court, causing him to clank the buzzer-beater that would have forced overtime.


54 points
7 rebounds
5 assists
20/30 FG
8/12 3PT


40 points
5 rebounds
14 assists
17/27 FG


40 points
12 rebounds
3 assists
15/22 FG

Honorable mentions: Jamison (34 points), JR Smith (20 points)
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