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Default Re: OT: Just played a great NBA 2K7 game

Originally Posted by Cannonball
Best games happen on xbl... I want to double ot once, I was done by like 10 with 200 mins to go and bring in damon jones and david westley, and doynell marshel. So I had Damon, Westly, LeBron, Mashrall, and Varejo. LOL Fricking 3 festival. I drove with lb kicked it to westly swung it to damon. Nailed it with 150 or so left on the clock. Fouled because he inbounded to Tayshaun Prince. He missed both, hit a 3 with lebron. Anyway got it tied up with 12 ticks left. I Inbound to lebron and he steps out of bounds lol. I was screaming.

Than the dude inbounds it to Billups gets a clean look but I tipped it with BIG Z!! Game saver.

Anyway in ot. He has the ball up by 3, I have snow out there steal the ball from billups hit lebron on the run and 1 tie it up. He brings it back down nails a 3 with billups, I get it to damon in the corner for 3 with 5 secs left, but he hacks me. I hit all 3 sent it to ot2.

In ot2 we keep scoring back in forth. I made a brilliant coaching move by putting in Gibson and Ira and Shannon brown. His guys were all worn out but mine were fresh so I got up by 8 or so with under a minute left. He knocks down a 3 cuts it to 5. I score a 2. Keep going backing forth with 2's for me and 3's for him. And he takes the lead with 7 secs left on the clock.

I inbound to lebron drive spin. Fade swish. Up by 1 with 1 left.

He inbounds to rip and takes a running flakin 3 and nails it at the buzzer.... I almost cried. ALMOST.
The only time I get a game like that is if I just mess around for abit so the opposing team can catch up then I can have fun. And this is on Hall of Fame mode, maybe I should tweak the sliders abit. What do you guys have your sliders set at?
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